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Unique Sourcing Model

Our consistent process and methodology for sourcing
candidates isunparalleled. With global sourcing capabilities and presence in 11 countries, we have the ability to recruit 24/7.


On average, our recruiters have 5+ years of experience in the Staffing Industry gaining strong candidate pipelines and referrals.

Collabera makes Forbes’ 2019 “America’s Best Recruiting Firms” list

Direct Hire Recruiters

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Allyson Owens

Ally loves connecting top talent to emerging tech companies on…

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Annie Gomez

Annie loves finding the perfect fit for both her clients…

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Bernard Royal

Bernard specializes in operational roles

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Bradley Kumm

Bradley specializes in placing IT professionals

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Bradley Rutkowski

Brad focuses on development, infra, and security

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Daniel Miramontes

Dan is always looking for top IT engineers in LA

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Emily Corcoran

Emily partners with leading companies in Charlotte

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Eric von der Linde

Eric works with top talent in Charlotte, NC

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Felicia Gold

Felicia helps companies find prominent talent in AZ, NM, and…

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Heather Gibb

Heather has 15 years experience connecting tech talent to top…

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JB Garcia

JB finds the best IT pros

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Jennifer Arroyo

Jennifer has established a network of top-notch professionals around the…

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Kevin Witthuhn

Kevin specializes in creative services and marketing roles

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Kyle Clifford

Kyle focuses on IT and executive search

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Michael Anderson

Mike thrives on helping talent find ideal jobs

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Nicole Khansary

Nicole specializes in construction roles

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Nima Moridzadeh

Nima is the go-to recruiter for his clients!

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Phillip Ponder

Phillip partners with top companies in Phoenix, AZ

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Preston Suttie

Over the years Preston has established himself in many different…

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Samuel Plasman

Sam focuses on top talent within the tech space

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Sean Jeffries

Sean specializes in placing IT professionals

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Stephanie Eldred

Stephanie has 10+ years in software and ecommerce

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Tara Trice

Tara helps companies find prominent talent in the Atlanta area

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Thomas Kennedy

Thomas is always looking for finance and IT professionals in…

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Tommy Hauser

Tommy has over 6 years experience in professional staffing

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Tyler May

I'm a very experienced recruiter within the tech industry and…

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