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Onward to New Heights

Onward to New Heights

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Devon’s experience with Collabera pushed her to take a chance on a role she otherwise wouldn’t have applied for. The benefits of that move are still paying off.

Devon’s first interaction with Collabera was a welcome push forward in her career path. The forward move was a surprise to her, at first. After seeing Devon’s portfolio, a Collabera recruiter reached out with an opportunity to work as a content developer for a very well-known software corporation. Initially, Devon was skeptical of her ability to meet the needs of the role, but Collabera recruiter saw her great potential, work ethic, and experience, they knew it was a no-brainer to encourage her to reach for new heights. As she says,

“I wasn’t sure I was qualified for my current role as a Content Developer , but my recruiter insisted that I most certainly was and that it would be a great role for me. I’m so glad I listened to her.”

We spoke with Devon (who is still thriving in her role with that well-known software corporation) about her relationship with Collabera, how it encouraged her to grow and expand into new realms, and how Collabera is a great option for young professionals.

Devon was contacted by a Collabera recruiter, but she had been contacted by other staffing firms, too. So, first, we asked:

Why did you choose Collabera over another staffing firm?

 At first, it was name recognition. I’d received emails from Collabera recruiters previously and so I knew they were “on the ball” and weren’t going to have a problem keeping in touch with me. As I began working with recruiters I found that the people at Collabera were always professional and kind. I could tell they truly cared about placing the right consultant in the right position.

What makes you happy in your current role?

The freedom. They definitely allow me to prove that stuff on my resume about being self-motivated! While I’m being a bit tongue-in-cheek here, it is so nice to work with people who trust me to manage my own day. Also, everyone I have worked with so far, on both the Collabera and the [software corporation] side, has been an absolute joy. I adore the Collabera team, and I work with a wonderful [software corporation] team. I enjoy the work too, so it’s been a win all around.

Would you recommend consulting to students graduating from college?

 An emphatic yes! I am learning as I advance in my career that more and more companies need their employees to wear more and more hats.

Working for a staffing firm allows people fresh from college the opportunity to acquire the multiple valuable skills they will need in their careers through different placements.

Also, consulting often leads to full time employment, so it’s a great foot in the door.

Collabera is a great support for both younger professionals just starting out and established professionals with a firm career plan. If you’re interested in working with a full team at your back, ready to support and push you to new heights, consider [submitting your resume] today. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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