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Four years on, happier than ever

Four years on, happier than ever

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Ravikanth’s story perfectly exemplifies the long-term relationship Collabera develops with consultants.

Ravikanth’s story perfectly exemplifies the long-term relationship Collabera develops with each of our consultants. 4 years ago, Ravikanth started consulting with Collabera after being referred by a friend (who also still works with Collabera), and never looked back. He’s currently working on his fourth project assignment, this time with a large energy company, and has no plans to stop consulting with Collabera any time soon. Previously, Ravikanth’s Collabera projects placed him with a national insurance corporation, a nationwide cellular communications company, and one of the largest banks in the country.

We asked Ravikanth about his Collabera experience, and why he keeps coming back for more projects with us.

Why did you choose Collabera over another staffing firm?

Collabera’s huge list of solid clients, including many of the Fortune 100 level, gets me exposure to work on large scale projects. It’s great.

I’ve met really nice people at Collabera. People [at Collabera] value you well when you have a nice attitude with strong skills, and they are always trying to help you do well in your job.

When asked how it feels to work on projects with such high caliber companies, Ravikanth says:

All the clients that I’ve worked with are not willing to lose me as I’m strong team player with a blend of Full stack development and architecture experience. At every assignment, I make sure I give the client a return on their investment [in me]. I strongly believe that it’s my responsibility to provide a vote of confidence to the client regarding my work ethic.

What have you learned on these assignments?

 I’ve learned the domain knowledge, the application architectures, server architectures in each company/client and how the systems are designed, how the technologies are used in each and what types of tools, in addition to new coding standards and ways of writing code to resolve problems.

Collabera’s referral program brings in many wonderful consultants, like Ravikanth, and it’s one of our favorite ways to find new talent and build long-term relationships. If you’d like to make a referral, head on over to the referrals page  and let us know who you think will make a great new member for our consultant team.

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