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Dedicated Consultant Support

Dedicated Consultant Support

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From one project to another, Dean’s Collabera support team has had his back and worked at his side from start to finish.

Dean remembers each of his recruiters by their first names. He remembers a barbecue his first Collabera recruiter was planning around the time of their first phone call. “Contact from LinkedIn doesn’t usually pan out,” he says, and while he expected the same from Collabera, things turned out quite differently (and much for the better).

In the 2 years that Dean has consulted with Collabera, he’s built friendships with his recruiters, and he’s steadily grown through various roles within an internationally established, one-on-every-corner coffee company, supported every step of the way by a Collabera team that’s firmly in his corner, both figuratively and literally, right next door in Seattle.

Dean’s first staffing contract, set up by his first recruiter contact (of earlier barbecue fame) lasted 6 months.

“I worked with a very savvy recruiter who walked me through the entire process, prepared me for the interview, set me up for success,” he says, “throughout the assignment I felt I was supported.”

When the project extended, his Collabera support team made sure that Dean’s contract did too. When that project completed, Dean’s support team stayed on top of things, finding him a new spot within the company immediately: “[The transition between projects] was very smooth and easy. I didn’t have to re-sign paperwork, my Collabera team handled most if not all of the paperwork for me on the backend.”

“My project finished,” he says, “and the next day, I just scooted to another desk, ready to dive in to the next one.”

“The projects I worked on have made a great impact on the business and I am very excited that I was part of them,” he says, more than once, throughout our interview.

“Working with the Collabera support team is consistently enjoyable”

He “feels supported in his current role and depends upon them to make sure his transitions from one project to the other are always seamless.”

Beyond the solid support informing his personal growth and employment, Dean made a point to recommend Collabera as a driver for young professionals finishing college: “Consulting at young age teaches adaptability, flexibility and broadens horizons. It’s a good opportunity to get feet in the door, to learn about different company cultures and not dive into one right off the bat.” Built in career guidance, plus an experienced and extremely well-connected recruiter sets young people up with an advocate as soon as they exit the gates of the ivory tower.

The real world, it seems, doesn’t have to be conquered alone.

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