# Consultant to Career: The Story of a Collabera Associate #
Consultant to Career

Consultant to Career

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Collabera provided Tyerica with her first career-level opportunity, helping her transition from consultant to full-time employee.

Many of our Success Stories feature a small section towards the end in which our interviewee-extraordinaires offer advice to young workers. Often, that advice focuses on the benefits of using Collabera to “get one’s foot in the door” with big companies, a career path, and a focused, long term plan. Tyerica exemplifies the real life outcome of that advice.

Collabera provided Tyerica with her first career-level opportunity as a business analyst at an insurance provider in Michigan. “It’s a great work environment,” she says, “a great place to start my corporate career.”

She was able to transition from temporary staff to full-time-employee through her initial Collabera-organized opportunity.

“The staff [at Collabera] who helped me through the employment process worked hard to make sure that I not only make a smooth transition into employment, but to also assure me I had their support.”

“It was a smooth transition [from Collabera employee to full-time].” and, she reiterated, “team leaders are always available to help.”

She credits Collabera with helping her find a place in which she could grow, making sure to note that the role and opportunity has provided her with an environment for self-improvement and personal growth, in addition to career advancement. “I’ve learned self-discipline, consistency, teamwork, environment building, and work ethic improvement,” at the insurance provider.

Tyerica, continuing the trend, reiterated the usefulness of Collabera for new graduates and those beginning their careers. She leaves us with the following words of wisdom: “The staff at Collabera have been great, and I appreciate everything they have done for me. Working as a consultant has been a great experience. Graduating students can have a great career kickstart with [Collabera]. It will provide opportunity for growth.”

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