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Visa support for international professionals

Our mobility program takes the stress out of the visa application process for international Collabera consultants. Because a dream shouldn’t be wrapped in red tape.

At Collabera, we don’t shy away from helping in-demand expertise through the visa process, free of charge.

Our dedicated visa team is devoted to helping you through the entire end-to-end process, from the visa application to your work with one of our clients, and beyond.

Our diverse client pool means you’ll always have a shot at a new project whenever your previous one comes to an end. (We believe moving to a new country should be worth your while.)

We also provide cultural support to help you ease into life in the US, so your time here can be both professionally and personally fruitful.

Visa Sponsorship

We provide fee-free sponsorships to qualified candidates in the following visa categories:

Select a visa to learn more

Select a visa to learn more
H1B (and Green Card processing)

The visa An H1B visa allows US employers to temporarily employ international workers in specialty positions for up to six years.

The process Collabera is not an H1B dependant company which allows us to focus more resources on providing you with dedicated and sustained support.

  • Oct - Feb

    From October to February, our recruitment team determines which skills are most in demand for the next year, then determines how many H1B visa applicants we can support.

  • Mar - Apr

    We’ll spend the next couple months recruiting you, and helping you fill out a visa application! H1B visa applications are submitted to the visa lottery in bulk by April 1st.

  • May - Oct

    If your application is chosen in the lottery — usually a couple weeks after the April 1st deadline — we’ll spend the next 6-7 months helping you through the approval process, and preparing you to travel to the US on or after the October 1st welcome day.

H1B visas are only valid for six years. As your employer, we will help you file for green card processing once the 6 years has passed. We often have have consultants actively employed with us for that long.


The visa The Non-immigrant NAFTA Professional (TN) visa allows citizens of Mexico and Canada to work in the USA for U.S or foreign employers if they have an active job offer. This visa is not available for permanent residents of Canada or Mexico.

The process Applicants must have the equivalent of a 4-year bachelor’s degree from a US university. (In general, 3 years of professional experience is equivalent to one year of a US degree program.) These visas are doled out on a rolling basis throughout the year, so the application/acceptance process is relatively quick.

Collabera provides your job offer; you’re an employee of Collabera even if you’re consulting with one of our many clients. Our dedicated in-house team takes care of the application process for you and provides sustained support throughout your employment.


The visa The E3 visa classification allows citizens of Australia to work in the US in specialized employment positions. This visa allows the principal applicant to bring their spouse and children (who are not required to be Australian citizens.)

The process The application process for the E3 visa almost exactly mirrors that of the TN visa described above though it’s specifically for Australian citizens. Needless to say, our team will handle the application process for you and support you throughout your entire journey.

F1 (F1 opt to H1, H1B)

The visa An F1 visa is available for international students attending an academic program, and English Language Program, or an Optional Practical Training program (OPT) in the USA for up to 3 years. If you’re a student in a STEM field (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) field, you’re allowed to both study and work for the 3 year duration. Afterwards, we’ll help you opt to an H1B or opt to an H1 visa.

The processCollabera offers OPT programs in various technology fields. For more information on what programs we offer, check out our [TACT page]. We’ll also help you find consulting work with one of our many clients while you’re in training. After your 3 years, we offer support to help you opt to H1B or opt to H1 visas.


What is the Mobility Program?

Our Mobility Program team helps international applicants through the visa process, providing opportunities to work with leading Fortune 500 companies in the USA, and explore the work culture there.

What is the ideal time to apply?

Send in your profile to us at anytime. We will add you to a pool of other candidates, and depending on your experience, education, and technology stack, reach out to you for further discussion.

What is the interview process like?

There are often multiple rounds of interviews, and while the specific set-up differs according to role, a typical set-up includes: a technical screening with our interview

Do I need to pay anything for sponsorship?

No, this is an employer-sponsored process. Any cost related to immigration is taken care of by Collabera.

Why Collabera?

We have many clients and the job opportunities are numerous. Our dedicated team takes care of international employees, and will help you settle in the US, deploying/ redeploying you on various projects.

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