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Unique Sourcing Model

Our consistent process and methodology for sourcing
candidates isunparalleled. With global sourcing capabilities and presence in 11 countries, we have the ability to recruit 24/7.


On average, our recruiters have 5+ years of experience in the Staffing Industry gaining strong candidate pipelines and referrals.

Collabera makes Forbes’ 2019 “America’s Best Recruiting Firms” list

Direct Hire Recruiters

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Abigail Smith

Abby finds top talent in the Seattle area

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Alex Hall

Alex specializes in finding top talent for the Construction industry

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Alexander Harrington

Alex uses out-of-the-box methods in his recruiting

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Anuj Patel

Anuj finds top notch talent for his clients in the…

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Bernard Royal

Bernard specializes in operational roles

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Blake Wallace

Blake specializes in Construction, IT and Pharma roles

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Bradley Rutkowski

Brad focuses on development, infra, and security

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Brady Walsh

Brady places top IT talent in the Atlanta area

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Colin Davies

Colin has a network of IT Professionals in the Seattle…

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Crystal Vargas

Crystal finds the best construction pros in CA

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Daniel Miramontes

Dan is always looking for top IT engineers in LA

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Emily Corcoran

Emily partners with leading companies in Charlotte

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Emily Newell

Emily has a network of IT talent in California

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Eric von der Linde

Eric works with top talent in Charlotte, NC

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JB Garcia

JB finds the best IT pros

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Jason Schick

Jason emphasizes culture to find the best in F&A

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Jessica A Taylor

Jessica focuses on top talent in the Irvine, CA area

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Josh Pittman

Josh specializes in IT roles

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Josh James

Josh focuses on the top 10% of talent in IT

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Joshua Conner

Josh specializes in finance and accounting roles

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Kevin Witthuhn

Kevin specializes in creative services and marketing roles

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Kyle Clifford

Kyle focuses on IT and executive search

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Lincoln Stalnaker

Lincoln has a large network in SMB and Startup

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Logan Obbards

Logan specializes in IT placements in California and New York

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Marshall Wright

Marshall works with leading talent in Seattle

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Michael Anderson

Mike thrives on helping talent find ideal jobs

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Mikenna Vogel

Mikenna specializes in helping IT professionals

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Neetu Patel

Neetu works with IT candidates in the LA area

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Nicole Khansary

Nicole specializes in construction roles

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Nima Moridzadeh

Nima is the go-to recruiter for his clients!

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Patrick Zaldo

Patrick has a strong network of IT professionals in the…

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Paul Elias

Associate Account Manager

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Phillip Ponder

Phillip partners with top companies in Phoenix, AZ

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Samuel Plasman

Sam focuses on top talent within the tech space

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Stephanie Eldred

Stephanie has 10+ years in software and ecommerce

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Tara Trice

Tara helps companies find prominent talent in the Atlanta area

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Thomas Kennedy

Thomas is always looking for finance and IT professionals in…

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Tommy Hauser

Tommy has over 6 years experience in professional staffing

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Zachary Ward

Zachary works with professionals in the Greater Cleveland Area

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